An Overview of the Bowie Golf Course

The Bowie Golf Course reopened recently under a new management after its brief closure. This announcement was made by the City of Bowie. From now on, Indigo Sports Group will manage this charming golf course. This group is a part of Troon Golf LLC, which is a company based in Reston, Virginia. It operates several golf courses across the United States.

Some of them include the Alhambra Golf Course in California and Cape Royal Golf Club in Florida. The Bowie Golf Course had to close temporarily during the month of October in 2021. Meanwhile, the City of Bowie worked towards making new arrangements for the golf course’s management. The City of Bowie owns the property of this golf course.

Bowie Golf Management did a great job of managing and operating the property for the past 40 years. This arrangement came to an end on the 30th of September 2021 upon retirement of its owners. In the same year, Indigo Sports Group took over the management on the 1st of November.

How the golf course’s new management was secured

It took some time for the process of placing a new management at the course to complete. The City of Bowie had given an advertisement in April 2021 for a new firm to manage the golf course. Two proposals came in as a response to the advertisement. One was from Indigo Golf Partners and the other was from Emerald Golf Management.

The City Council decided to explore the opportunities for an agreement with the latter in July. During a meeting on the 4th of October 2021, the City Council discussed about the management of the golf course. It issued certain directions to its staff with regards to Emerald Golf Management. According to these directions, the company had time until the 8th of the month to accept the terms.

However, Emerald Golf Management did not respond. As a result, the City Council decided to conduct negotiations with Indigo Golf Partners, the other bidder. The negotiations with this company were done swiftly. On the 18th of October 2021, the City Council approved Indigo Sports Group as Bowie Golf Course’s new managers.

The City Manager also had the authority to enter a management agreement with this company. The efforts to open the facility began. The staff worked all through October for cleaning the facilities. Efforts were also on for getting the clubhouse ready for the reopening.

Bowie Golf Management notified the City of Bowie that it had started the process of refunds. Members with paid memberships beyond 30th of September 2021 would be refunded the pro-rata amounts.

About the Bowie Golf Course

The golfers see Bowie Golf Course as a ‘golf course for everyone’. It caters to golfers of all skill levels. This golf course is open throughout the year and offers a range of golfing events. They include private lessons, group lessons, PGA Junior Golf Camps, and on-course lessons. Other activities offered at the course are corporate and group outings, practice putting green, and driving range.

Guests from any part of the metropolitan area can easily access this golf course. A perfect atmosphere is provided for Fundraiser Golf Tournament or corporate events. The Bowie Golf Club has a warm and friendly approach with an attentive service.

The goal of the club is to provide a golfing experience that’s positive and refreshing. It would change the general perception of people about public golf courses. The professional staff ensures that the guests enjoy an atmosphere of relaxation and everyone has a memorable experience.

History of the golf course


The land where this golf course stands today was a 600-acre horse farm in the 18th century. Back in the day, people knew it by the name ‘Peachtree Estates’. By the 19th century, the land was split and put up for sale by the family and relatives. During the late 19th century, the Maenner Family owned 175 acres of the land.

Most of their daughters and sons were born in the masonry farmhouse. The construction of this farmhouse took place in 1727 and it is a historic site within the state today.

In the 20th century

About 134 acres of the land was sold to Doug Smiley and his group in the mid-20th century. This group of investors developed a golf course on this land. It opened in 1959 as ‘Belair Golf & Country Club’. During the 1970s, a company called United Investors Inc. purchased the course as their real estate investment. After this purchase, they didn’t make any significant improvements to the golf course.

They did make certain changes though. There were two additions to the historic house. One was for a snack bar and the other for a pro shop. In the year 1980, United Investors Inc submitted plans for developing cluster homes to the County Planning Board. The construction of these homes was to happen on the property itself.

The City of Bowie was on the lookout for an outside group for leasing Belair Golf & Country club. There were plans to come up with major improvements in the facility in 1981. Fred Ryder leased the course starting on the 1st of October 1981 after evaluating the proposals that were submitted. There was a change in the club’s name to ‘Bowie Golf & Country Club’ the very next year.

The same company managed and operated the property for the next 40 years. It gave the name ‘Bowie Golf Management’ to the club. With the retirement of Bowie Golf Management’s owners, this arrangement ended on the 30th of September 2021.

In recent times

Children aged 15 or under can play with a paying adult for free from Monday to Friday. They can play anytime during the weekdays, but only after 1:00 PM on holidays and weekends. To benefit from the resident rates, you must be a resident within the City of Bowie’s municipal boundaries. The Pro Shop offers a complete line of golf equipment and accessories with full-service golf operations.

They’re available for members as well as the general public. The Pro Shop operates 7 days a week. The USGA Handicap service is available for $40 per year. You can also benefit from a fully accredited computer service provided by the course. This has the approval of the Mid Atlantic PGA.

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